Sunday, January 02, 2005

Its A New Year, Time for a New Start

Have you set your objectives for the New Year? Not just the ones that your incentive compensation is driven by, or the ones that the company or department has set. Though these are important, what are YOUR objectives? THESE ARE NOT NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS!!!

If you have not thought about them, take some time now to do so. Don't spend a week, spend 30 minutes, an hour at most. What do you want to accomplish this year? Can you measure to see if you actually accomplish it? Be sure not to set a goal that you cannot clearly describe what the attainment of that goal is. That has happend to me several times and the question always comes about, when do you know that you have done it?

What are your measures of success in business? Is it a raise or promotion? Is it keeping your job? Is it changing jobs?

Do you think about the value you create? That is the true measure of satisfaction in the business book, unless you just have a job, and that is all you want. Draw a check and go home and then you are probably not the person who will be interested in reading this blog. How do you measure your value, both for yourself and for your business?

Think for a minute, how much revenue did you service this past year? How much new revenue did you create or bring to the business? How much cost did you save the business? How many customers do you serve (internal or external)? What is the satisfaction of those customers (if you dont know, ask them!)? When you are asked to to things that you usually dont do, make a log of those things, understand what they are, and how much value they create for you and for the business? Now, you are starting to measure value! Now you can start to see what you are doing for you, your family and for the business you work for or run.

Of course, I am expecting that you be honest about what you do. That should not have to be said, but it is my job to say it. No offense intended, but sometimes a friendly reminder is worth it.

After you have thought about the value you created last year, you can start to outline the goals for 2005. Did you serve one or two customers, maybe your goal will be to serve three? Did you process 1,500 transactions worth $275,000 in revenues so this year you want to do 1,700 transactions or you want to reach $300,000 in revenues. Did you handle 6 extra projects last year? Then see about moving that to 7 or 8. Tangible, reachable, measurable value.

All of us in these days and times worry from time to time about our jobs. The best way to help minimize that worry is to know the value you create. Once you outline what you have done and what you are setting for goals, talk to someone about it. Ask your supervisor, your manager, the vice president the CEO for that matter going over what you have done and what you are looking to do. People who know they create value, and can demonstrate the measure of that value are the people that management and owners know they want to keep.

Take some time this week and review the value you created last year, and set your goals for 2005 and before the end of January, have a conversation with whomsoever you need to to share your thoughts. It will make for a good start to 2005 and put you squarely 'on the team'.



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