Wednesday, February 02, 2005

What Does Business Need?

What does business need? A pretty broad question that can inspire answers from across the spectrum. Can you think of it? What does business need? Bake it down to two things if you can. What would your two be?

Lets see, training, diversity, technology, communications, and dozens and dozens more.....

Here's mine. Honesty and courtesy. Do what you say and be polite. We all can live with people who are not the best trained and do. We all get by with products that are not quite what we expect. But we should not get by with rudeness and deception.

Recently I have found the lack of honesty, doing what you say in a car dealer, a mortgage provider, a doctor, a cell phone provider. The cell phone company also provided the most rude experience I have had in a long time.

I have also found a few that did exactly what they say in the gas company, the church, and an insurance company. I also found courtesy at the grocery store that I did not expect.

Its too bad that business will have to teach people ethics and manners but it appears that people do not naturally bring them to their jobs. Its not everyone mind you, but the problem is growing.

Lets all try to be good customers, but when we work, be good to our customers.



At 7:44 AM, Blogger Ralph said...

Agreed. It's what we expect from relationships too. And what I tried to teach my kids. Why do businesses seem to trump the urge for human decency and respect. I know that our customers (electric utility) usually only contact us when they are having dificulties and we don't have any way of avoiding bad news so they are often testy and it is difficult at times to treat them with professional standards. Do people get forced by economics to misrepresent inferior products and service and compromise their personal standards. What keeps dishonest businesses open?

At 7:46 PM, Blogger livingthedream said...

Thanks Ralph for the note, and you are spot on. How do dishonest businesses stay open? Sometimes in spite of themselves. People will use businesses they dont really like or that have less than quality products for speed and convenience. Others will use less than the best for price alone.

Some people do not have the morals you refer to to begin with, no one taught them any and they have spent no effort to acquire them.

Whatever the reason, no matter the lack of quality or otherwise, we still have to find a way to remain true to ourselves and be polite, know courtesy and use it and above all be honest no matter how difficult.

At 8:45 AM, Blogger Ralph said...

Do you think that some people don't feel they deserve good service?


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