Wednesday, May 03, 2006

OK, the Immigration Issue

This country has been built by immigrants, its culture, its freedom, its entrepreneurship, its attitude are all because immigrants came here and became here. Most all of them legally. Ellis Island and San Francisco are tributes to all of them.

What faces us now are immigrants who are coming but not becoming. They say they want to be Americans but their actions tell another story. What other era of immigration has brought multi-lingual schools into our culture? Drivers exams, voting registrations, telephone answering services in multiple languages.

We should always have our arms open to those who not only say they want to be Americans, but then take action to assimilate to be the Americans they say they want to be. That starts with English.
Sorry, but its true.

There have always been enclaves of first generation immigrants who did not quite assimilate, but they made sure their children did. Mexicans, Koreans, Vietnamese, Polish, Italian, Nigerian and the list is endless......and all of them have made us great and have made us proud and have learned to speak and live in English.

We have listened to the teachers unions, the politically correct media and others who have said we need to make accomodation for immigrants, and we should and do, but those accomodations are for those who are working to assimilate, not for those who have no interest in the same. The teachers union and the media are just trying to grow revenues to push their agendas using immigrants for their own purposes manipulting for their advantage, nothing more, nothing less.

For those in the Lou Dobb's crowd who worry about jobs. Outsourcing or immigration has never broken our economy. What makes our economic engine grow is productivity. Hard working, English speaking people increase productivity. Even those who only speak a few words of English, but are learning and trying more. Of course, for anyone who already speaks English and whines about jobs look at the brand of car you drive, the brand of your watch, your TV or stereo before you whine any more. If it is not an American brand its like not voting, you have no credibility with which to complain, you brought it on yourself.

Many of those immigrants who are standing on the corners of the city where I live looking for work DO want to become Americans, with a vocabulary of 100 words or less, but when they have the opportunity they will grow that as they grow us. So lets find a way to work with those people and the rest, lets build the fence or the wall or whatever else.

If you question that and other job issues, who showed up to clean up in New Orleans? For the most part, immigrants did and if that changes the culture of the "Big Easy" so be it, it is a natural part of the growth and evolution of this Country. But even the Big Easy is intended to be English (with some special room for Cajun and its food of course).

Thats the great part of America, room for everyone, work for all who want it, a better life than most of the world, blessings from God, what more can you ask for a place to live if you are willing to work to live.

If you cannot work, then America will take care of you. From the government or the church, what a great place this is.

Enough rambling on, but it was time to say something. And honk next time you see an American flag on a toyota or honda or other foreign brand. See if they get it, they probably wont, but dont hear their complaints either.

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