Thursday, May 31, 2007

Culture of Courtesy, A Book

Well its time. Though I have not been blogging with regularity, I have finally gotten to the point that its time to do a book. I will start with an e-book format, but hopefully it will get enough interest to someday become a book.

I have blogged before about courtesy (check the archives) in relationship to business. But the time has arrived that we need to get some advocacy for courtesy. Bill O'Rielly in his book Culture Warrior has described the fight for supporting our traditional culture and the work and the enemy in doing so. Good stuff.

But we need some practical application of how each of us can affect the culture every day, and that is through courtesy.

Discourse these days is so defensive, name calling, finger flipping and four letter word using. Just check across the politically oriented blogs in this country. Then go out on the street and listen to what people say to each other, even when they are friends! The infection of the 'urban culture' on everyone has made words we dont use become common, nastyness we never saw normal, and everything is personal and emotional. Victims are we all.

So, as I begin to work on this project. Let me know what you think about courtesy. give me your ideas on how we should learn to be kind to each other. Respectful whether we agree or not, and just plain nice to others. Does that cost too much?

I dont think so. Let me know what you think.

Turn the Key and Smile.


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